Alternative Titles: 1. Island Survival and Quaint Normalcy in Flash Games 2. Blast Aliens and Soldiers in the Timeless NES Game Contra 3. Rogue Corps: Flame Your Way Through Enemies in this Fun Game 4. Super Mario World: Master Challenging Levels with Dinosaur Companion 5. Run & Gun: A Thrilling Game with Eccentric Characters and Retro Aesthetic 6. Insane Orb: A Twisted Version of Pong with Challenging Obstacles 7. Solve Puzzles and Uncover the Mystery in Crimson Room 8. Platform Racing 2: Race Against Others in Community Created Levels 9. Atomic Drop: Explore a Fully-Fledged World with Exciting Enemies 10. Ogame: Battle for Universal Dominance in a Space-Themed Browser Game 11. Lemonade Stand: Learn About Entrepreneurship and Money Handling in a Fun Game

Five Flash Games Set on an Island

An island setting is an interesting place for a survival game. Players can either try to bring dilapidated islands back to a state of quaint normalcy or battle hostile creatures.

Click the “Civil Engineering” icon, which resembles a man and a home. The home will grow larger. Click the “Applied Chemistry” icon, which resembles a Bunsen burner.


The original NES game that launched a timeless brand. Blast your way through aliens, soldiers and snipers in this science fiction/guerrilla-themed run-and-gun game.

Contra features one of the earliest uses of the Konami Code (up, up, down, down, left, right, B, A, Start). Entering this code at the title screen will give you thirty lives instead of three.

Rogue Corps commits several cardinal sins, but the fun can still be found in using a flamethrower to burn down enemies.

Super Mario World

It features a wide variety of levels that require a high level of concentration and skill. The game introduces Yoshi, a dinosaur companion who can consume enemies to gain powers. Eating a yellow Koopa allows him to ground pound, while eating a red one lets him shoot three Podoboo-like fireballs.

The game was released as a launch title for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990. It was ported to the Game Boy Advance in 2002 with an expanded world map and Luigi as playable character.

Run & Gun

Run & Gun features a former criminal who has since turned a new leaf and is living with his family until he’s double-crossed and blackmailed into completing a dangerous job. It’s a standard thriller formula but it’s well executed with eccentric characters and offbeat dialogue.

Like other games in the genre from developer Inti Creates Luminous Avenger iX leans into a retro aesthetic and plays like a responsive modern game. The 2D levels are teeming with enemies and upgradable weapons to mow down.

Insane Orb

Insane Orb is a Pong-inspired game that adds a variety of twists to the simple gameplay. Players can use a weapon against the AI opponent, and each level adds obstacles to the screen that change the way the ball moves.

Drake Shannon, better known as Orb, debuted in Marvel Team-Up #15 back in 1973. The character is an adversary of Ghost Rider, and has run afoul of other Marvel characters as well.

Crimson Room

Crimson Room is a first-person exploration, adventure-based, and puzzle game. It features various challenging and interesting puzzles.

It follows Inspector Jean-Jacques Gordot who finds himself in a mysterious red room with a door that won’t open, flickering lights and scattered wine bottles. Using environmental clues, click every pixel to discover new items and solve the puzzles. These scavenger hunt games are great for those who like challenges.

Platform Racing 2

Platform Racing 2 is a multiplayer game where players race each other around community created platform levels. Each level has its own music from Newgrounds composers and there are hats available that can boost player experience.

Grahn continued to develop more games after the release of Platform Racing, including Click Upon Dots and Kongregate Racing. However, he revealed shortly after that he would stop developing in Flash due to declining popularity.

Atomic Drop

While many games have enemies appearing behind the back, in front of the door, or even under the camera, we wanted players to feel like they are truly exploring this world by running past these enemies. However, this approach may lead to some players feeling that these open locations are mandatory transitions between story points rather than a fully-fledged world.

Eerie pads, distorted bass booms and a vocal chant set the tone on “Back to Back.” A breakbeat and a 4×4 onslaught of basses follow suit.


Ogame is a space-themed browser game created in 2002 by online-gaming specialist Gameforge. Its players battle for universal dominance in the universes of their choice, colonize planets, research technologies and fight incredible space wars with other players.

InfoCompte is a tool for OGame that helps to make playing the game more comfortable through display of mining completion times, missing resources and recommended upgrade paths for mines and technologies. It also shows the ranks of other players and alliances in the game.

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand is a fun and educational game that helps kids learn about entrepreneurship and money handling. They can also practice their sales and customer service skills!

The game allows children to choose their own ingredients and set the prices they want to charge for their lemonade. They can even lend their dad money to keep the business running! They’ll also learn the importance of setting up their stand in a busy location.

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