An Addictive Mining Adventure on Mars with Retro Graphics and Ambient Soundtrack

Motherload Flash Game Review

If you enjoy games like Spelunky and N, you will probably like this one. It is a game in which you dig into Mars to mine for a corporation.

The first version of the game was released in 2004 as an Adobe Flash game. It was then developed into a full PC release called Super Motherload.


Many games have benefited greatly from jumping from their Flash or other indie roots to a full console release. Spelunky, N and Super Meat Boy are just a few examples of titles that grew into more polished, structured experiences after their move to the big leagues.

While digging for silver, gold and unobtanium can get repetitive after a while, Super Motherload manages to keep things interesting with some small tweaks. The most noticeable addition is the ability to smelt minerals. This simple feature adds some variety to the mining experience by forcing players to think strategically about how they collect their resources.

The game also features rudimentary story elements, passable voice acting and a pleasing soundtrack. Adding four-player local co-op (no online play), a constantly changing landscape and a hardcore mode where running out of fuel is instant death, and you have a great-looking and sounding game that belies its simplistic origins. It’s a worthy successor to the cult-classic Flash game that inspired it.


In Motherload, players take on the role of a miner, working for a corporation to collect resources on Mars. The game features fast-paced gameplay, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a storyline full of twists. It also includes upgrades, supplies, and explosives that can help players navigate underground.

The controls in the game are simple and intuitive. Using the trackpad, the player can move around and select different bomb types. Players can also purchase powerful upgrades and supplies to further improve their performance.

The game is set in an alternate Cold War era where the Soviets and Americans compete for resources on Mars. The game features a voice-acted cast of Soviet and American characters, and a story that is told through a series of comic book-style cutscenes. The player is tasked with mining the planet for valuable minerals, but must manage their fuel and other resources to avoid running out of power. The game has a high replay value, with new areas and items being added as the player progresses.


Motherload features retro-style pixel art graphics and earth tones that help to create a calming atmosphere while players explore underground. The game’s soundtrack is composed of ambient space-themed music, creating a soothing experience while players dig through the layers of dirt and rock.

Motherload was first released in 2004 by XGen Studios as an Adobe Flash browser game. It was one of the first casual games to feature a simple, yet incredibly addictive gameplay loop that many modern games take a page from.

In 2013, XGen Studios released a sequel to the original, called Super Motherload. This version was released as a day-one release for the PS4. Super Motherload includes HD graphics and local co-op multiplayer, while also featuring new gameplay mechanics such as an infamous Gainax Ending and a Devil head for every level that players can defeat. The game also features an inventory system that allows players to buy powerful upgrades and supplies for their mining pod as they dig deeper into Mars.


Motherload is a classic Flash game developed by XGen Studios in 2004. It is a mining adventure that takes place on Mars and tasks players with digging for valuable resources. The game has a storyline and an optional soundtrack, and the gameplay is based on Dig Dug, except with more explosions.

The game has a simple design and uses retro pixel art graphics, which make it visually appealing. It features an ambient space-themed soundtrack that adds to the atmosphere of the game and creates a sense of peace while playing. The game also has a shop where players can purchase powerful upgrades and supplies for their mining pod.

The gameplay in Super Motherload is challenging and addictive. It offers a unique twist on arcade-style gaming, and the enchanting visuals and enticing music make it one of the best indie games for the PS4. It is set in an alternate history where the United States and the Soviet Union compete to mine the precious resources of Mars.

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