Jumping Flash!, Hollow Knight, Bloodborne

A Flash Game For PlayStation 4

You’ll be jumping and bouncing like never before in this PlayStation console launch title. After astrophysicist bad guy Baron Aloha carves out chunks of Crater Planet, the galactic municipal council sends you – a brave pest control operative known as ‘Robbit’ – to locate him and put a stop to his madness.

Jumping Flash!

When the ill-tempered astrophysicist Baron Aloha carves up chunks of Crater Planet to create his own holiday resort, the Galactic Municipal Council send in the bravest pest control operative known as Robbit. Sat at the controls of this robotic rabbit mech, players will bound across floating worlds as they search for the missing jet pods and put an end to Aloha’s schemes once and for all.

It’s been quite a few years since this 3D action-platformer was released, but it remains a classic in its own right. The game’s infamously difficult level design is a testament to its era, and it still holds up very well for a game that predates Super Mario 64. Originally developed as a technology showcase for Sony’s internal Japan Studio, the game is an early pioneer of first-person leaping and one of the PlayStation’s first platinum trophies. PlayStation Plus Premium members can experience this PS1 classic with the added benefits of up-rendering, rewind and quick save.

Hollow Knight

The story of how three budding Australian developers got together to make a game that has become one of the most popular titles in gaming. Ari Gibson, William Pellen and David Kazi bonded over their shared love of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link to found Team Cherry in 2012.

Hollow Knight is an artful insect-based action adventure, filled with death-defying traps, intricate puzzles and ferocious creatures. Your only weapon is the Knight’s nail, a blade-like implement that keeps enemies and bosses at bay. As you explore the ruins of Hallownest, chart your journey with compasses, quills and maps, and leap into minds to uncover a tragic history, this is a game that proves looks can be deceiving.

The world of Hollow Knight is vast and interconnected, each space a masterful blending of beauty and atmosphere. Expansive painted landscapes with extravagant parallax add depth to this side-on world, while a haunting, intimate score underscores the majesty and sadness of a civilisation brought to ruin.


The latest in the Hidetaka Miyazaki lineage of challenging, yet rewarding games, Bloodborne is an exhausting experience that demands skill and perseverance. It’s not for the casual gamer, nor is it easy even for veteran Souls fans who have gotten into bad habits over the years.

The game takes place in the decrepit Gothic city of Yharnam, home of the Healing Church, a religious organization that has developed a miracle cure that has been used to treat various afflictions among its townsfolk and travelers who seek it out. The player assumes the role of one such traveler who arrives in Yharnam to discover that the city is now overrun by horrifying beasts.

While retaining the classic action combat of the Souls series, Bloodborne introduces elements that set it apart, such as a Victorian setting, firearms that stun enemies rather than do massive damage, and the absence of shields. It also uses the Message and Bloodstain systems from the previous games to provide an online component, though this is not essential for progressing through the story.

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