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Ninjas are masters of stealth, infiltration and ruthless assassinations. Using the latest technologies, they are experts at sabotage and destruction.

10 Second Ninja is a simple yet challenging platform game. Each level must be completed in under ten seconds to get a perfect rating. The game requires a lot of practice and thinking.


The ninja’s gameplay is characterized by stealthy infiltration and ruthless assassinations, making it a great choice for fans of action and stealth games. Ninjas are light on their feet and experts with throwing stars, which makes them a dangerous foe for any enemy. They are also adept at poisoning and other deadly skills.

Ninjas are a highly adaptable warrior, able to take on any challenge and overcome any obstacle. They are a force to be reckoned with, capable of taking down hordes of enemies and rescuing their fellow townspeople. They are determined, courageous and ruthless, which is why they’re the perfect choice for any player looking to play an exciting and rewarding game.

The 10 Second Ninja game is a fun and challenging platformer where you must kill nazi robots from space with your katana or from afar with one of your trusty ninja stars. The game offers forty single-screen levels that must be completed in less than ten seconds, and the faster you complete them, the more stars you get.


The game graphics are colorful and the characters are well-designed. The ninja’s stars double as grappling hooks, and the stealth camo is a nice touch. This is a fun game with some great levels and interesting ideas, but it could have been much better. It suffers from the same problems as Dirk Valentine – repetitive level design and meaningless pickups.

The Ninja Kiwi Archive collects more than 60 classic web games in one awesome archival package. Play the forerunners to Bloons TD and experience Flash history! Some games in this collection contain graphic content that may not be suitable for young players.


The main character is a blue-clad warrior that can toss shuriken, swing his sword and slide across the ground by pressing DOWN. He can also jump, although his height is variable depending on how long you hold down the JUMP button, and he can grab onto ledges with his kaginawa wire grappling hook.

The game’s enemies are mostly thugs with knives and guns, who will inevitably run headlong into your sword-wielding ninja. However, there are other, more interesting types of enemies that can appear in groups and hop right on top of you. Some of them shoot arcing explosive projectiles, others toss firebombs, and one even rides a giant frog (what the hell was THAT about?).

The player also has a limited supply of throwing stars that can be used to kill pirates that roam the screen. These shuriken ricochet off walls and most objects, including some that interact with them in unique ways, such as wooden crates that they can become lodged in and then fall over into rather entertaining ragdolls.

Endless fun!

Whether you’re on your phone, tablet or computer, the fun never stops with flash games. The best ones are fast-paced and addictive, allowing you to play them anywhere. And you don’t even need to install a plugin to play them — with a Ruffle emulator, you can simply click the game to start playing it.

BOWJA THE NINJA is a classic Flash game with a simple concept: kill nazi robots from space in under ten seconds. The game is played in a series of single-screen levels, each of which must be completed as quickly as possible. The more stars you collect, the higher your score.

The gameplay is straightforward: run and jump across a battlefield littered with enemy samurai and ravens. Shoot shurikens at them to clear them from a distance, and try to collect purple talismans to increase your score. The higher the score, the more points you’ll get for each jump. The game is suitable for children and adults who like idle tap games, and is a great way to pass the time.

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