Raze 3: Futuristic Shooter with Alien Invasions and Intense Battles.

Raze 3 Flash Game Review

Raze 3 is a futuristic shooter that picks up where Raze 2 left off. It boasts two campaigns, 50 weapons, 24 characters and 30 levels of action.

Aliens invade a cargo ship carrying supplies. The ERT team, including Raze, Cpt. Simmons, and Pvt. Miller are sent to give backup. The aliens infect them with some unknow virus turning them into zombies.

Human Campaign

Ten years ago, a massive alien invasion left Earth in ruins. Humanity rebuilt its cities in the sky and renovations continued on the ground. The military designed Express Training programs to train soldiers cheaply and quickly.

The first mission takes place at a powerplant. A group of robots and a zombie are sent to sabotage it, but the Raze soldiers (Gnarthuk, Thyolax, and a man known as Raze) manage to destroy them and keep control of the plant.

The next task is much more dangerous. A group of aliens are trying to steal a machine that causes tremors on the surface. The ERT soldiers fend them off and rescue the device, but they soon learn that the machines are possessed by aliens. After a hard battle, Raze is able to defeat the alien commander and save humanity once again. The game then ends with a short credits sequence. User-friendly gameplay and a selection of weapons that includes side arms, automatic weapons, close range, long range, and explosives. Weapons can also be upgraded with improved stats and equipment.

Alien Campaign

In the Alien Campaign you play as an alien, fighting against humans and rogue robots to take control of earth. The player is put into an advanced virtual reality training program to prepare for this battle against humans and vile aliens.

After clearing zombies in Vietnam, the Raze team discovers that there is an alien presence on the planet. The aliens later invade a cargo ship in space, but the crew (including Raze) manage to keep them at bay.

The cargo ship is eventually infected with an unknown virus by the aliens and everyone on the ship becomes a zombie, except for Sweet Johnson. He tries to fight the Alien Commander, but it is a one-on-one battle.

The game allows the player to choose a name for their character, change their outfit colour and equip weapons. The player can also unlock new levels as they finish campaigns and the Quick Match mode. The game features 30 levels and multiple weapons including sidearms, automatic and close range guns.

Quick Match

The third installment of the Raze series is an awesome futuristic action shooter for teens and older children. It follows a storyline where you play as an elite soldier and fight against aliens, robots, and zombies to save the planet.

This 2D platform game includes different gameplay modes like Quick Match and Campaign Mode. In the latter, you will fight in a campaign that has 15 challenging arena levels. The difficulty level of the Campaign Mode is higher than that of the Quick Match mode.

Among the many features of the game are improved graphics and animation, a new character customization system, and a wide range of weapons, equipment, and abilities to unlock and upgrade. You can move your character using the WASD or arrow keys. You can also use the Up Arrow to perform a double jump. Moreover, you can shoot enemies by clicking the mouse button. You can also select a weapon using the Q or E keys.

Premium Campaign

Ten years ago an alien invasion devastated the Earth. Now it’s time to reclaim it.

Pick up new weapons and power-UPS to destroy a variety of enemies, from robots and zombies to aliens and more. Developed by Sky9 Games, raze 3 follows on from its predecessors with a Futuristic shoot ’em up. Choose to fight as a human to save the world or an alien to conquer it.

The game includes two essential campaign settings – Human project and Aliens campaign, each with 15 levels. The Premium Campaign also features a new map, 10 additional weapons, a unique character and more.

Despite the inclusion of many new elements, the gameplay is still very similar to its predecessors. The player controls their character using WASD or arrow keys to move and the mouse to aim and shoot enemies. Weapons can be upgraded by gaining stars and credit scores, while equipment and abilities can enhance the player’s performance in battle.

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