Survive the zombie apocalypse with these thrilling flash games.

Zombie Flash Games – Kill Or Be Eaten

One of the most re-used themes in videogames, the zombie apocalypse is a terrifying scenario with plenty of room for creative storytelling and action.

This Early Access game is a survival simulation with rogue-like elements and a huge map to explore. Choose your survivor, then balance prepping with risky missions for big rewards.


It’s kill or be eaten in these zombie games, whether you play as a human running for their life or the remorseless, flesh-hungry monsters that crave nothing more than your brains. Hone your survival skills in solo offline mode or relive the drama of a zombie apocalypse with friends in co-op or multiplayer.

There’s something deeply satisfying about seeing good triumph over evil. It’s not just about a shambling horde of the undead groaning in unison as they walk towards you, it’s also about the little victories, the times when you take down one of these rotting mobs with a single bullet or grenade.

Unfortunately, the movie’s big bad guy – Apocalypse – doesn’t offer enough of this kind of emotional payoff. The ancient mutant’s ominous speeches are fine, but as someone who heralds the end of humanity, his actions carry surprisingly little menace. Even when compared to other X-Men villains like Magneto (Oscar Isaac) and Psylocke (Olivia Munn). He’s simply not that scary.

Zombie Slayer

Bunny the Zombie Slayer is a pretty decent game that gives players a short burst of fun killing zombies for a low price. It’s no Plants vs Zombies but it does get the job done quite well and the game has plenty of good formidable components too.

In the year 20xx, zombies have taken over the world and now roam the streets in search of flesh-eating mindless husks to consume. But our hero Diox has a secret weapon that can save the day: his sick guitar skills. Diox, dressed in jeans and leather, will run through the city and lure the zombies by playing his sweet songs. Players use the touch screen to slash the zombies, and each zombie type requires different combinations of buttons on the D-Pad in order to be killed. But while the rhythm gameplay is entertaining for a few minutes, it becomes monotonous, and the music soon gets boring. The game has a tongue-in-cheek premise that doesn’t fully live up to expectations.

Zombie Killer

The apocalypse has hit and the zombie horde is out for blood. This apocalyptic shooter takes the classic gun-game formula to new heights with insane graphics and robust gameplay. You’ll have to strategically plan attacks and conserve ammunition to progress.

There’s a lot to like here but it would have been great if the writers had known to stop introducing new creatures into the mix. It’s one thing to show that nature is also suffering the apocalypse, but bringing in CGI zombie deer and dogs was just plain stupid.

The movie has an excellent cast headed by Billly Zane and Mischa Barton (Wallace). Michael Kean, the young son of Sharon, does a good job as well. He holds his own against the veteran actors. Gabrielle Stone and Brian Gallagher round out the supporting cast. Their characters are trying to protect a small community from the advancing zombies. The only thing that keeps this film from a higher rating is the excessive use of special effects.

Zombie Survival

Defend your base against an unrelenting zombie horde in this popular flash game.

While not quite as absorbing as the genre’s other hits, DayZ’s systems-heavy approach to apocalyptic survival is refreshingly challenging. It ruthlessly strips away all the gloss of AAA production values, and instead offers a raw glimpse at the brutality of human nature under threat of infection, starvation, and death.

This survival sandbox game makes good use of the roguelike system introduced in the first-person shooter Sniper Elite’s cringe-inducing X-ray kill cam, but applies it to a whole new world. Mundane furniture can withstand waves of zombies if it has been crafted, gathered, or scavenged (with the addition of a crowbar weapon that instakills headcrabs on most servers). Players also unlock powerful weapons as their numbers dwindle and progress through the round, with both sides adding to their hordes during the final wave.

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