Yeti Sports: The Addictive Flash Penguin Hitting Game

Flash Yeti Game

Few games are as fun as a flash yeti game. A few years ago a series of such games made a huge hit among the web users.

The player controls a yeti on the bottom of an ice cliff, waiting for a penguin to drop down and swinging his bat at it. A well-timed hit will make the penguin fly a distance.


The game is played by clicking on the screen to make penguins jump down from a cliff and then hitting them with Yeti’s bat. Depending on when you click, the yeti will hit the penguin a long distance or not at all. The longer the distance the more points you earn.

The player can also try to hit a target on the cliff by clicking on the arrow and setting the angle. The power of the hit is also set by clicking on the bar. However, it’s not always easy to get the shot right. For example, there are giraffes that will catch the penguin and throw it lower if they catch it close to their heads; elephants that block low shots; and vultures that will fly by and hit the penguin for a higher distance.

A few changes were made to the game in its second edition. For example, the top score sign now says “TOP:” and the small developer credits were moved to a border around the game. The mention of Root Media’s old name, Edelweiss Medienwerkst was also removed.


This internet game has minimal difficulty, but it is extremely addictive and will have you clicking play again and again to better your score. One round takes no more than a few seconds, making it easy to play multiple rounds in a short period of time.

In this yeti sports game, the yeti stands on the bottom of a mountain ice cliff with its weapon ready to swing. As you click the screen a penguin falls from the top of the cliff and the object is to hit it with your weapon to send it flying as far as possible. Hitting the penguin at a specific angle will cause it to fly further. It will also bounce if it hits a land mine along the way.

A twisted game in which you have to decapitate penguins with your spiked club. If you have a strong stomach, then this is the game for you. Also, if you enjoy throwing snowballs at jumping penguins to pierce them in the head with a baseball bat then this is the game for you.


Originally created for Flash and later remade for iPhone this internet game is a riot. The simple controls allow you to control Pingu the penguin as he jumps off the rock. The goal is to hit him with the bat at just the right moment, launching him into the air and letting him glide across the snowy landscape.

There is no aiming or power bar in this version, as only the mouse click is used to time the hit. Success depends on the exact angle at which the penguin is hit, so it is crucial to figure out what that perfect angle is.

This modification of the first Yeti Sports title features a few minor changes to the game’s environment and user interface. The small developer credits at the top of the screen were replaced by a large eBay logo, and the text that appears when the player gets a new top score was recolored red and moved to a spot below the OK button.


In this game, the player controls a yeti with a bat to hit penguins as far as possible. The first click determines the angle of the bat and the second click sets the power. If the yeti hits the penguins perfectly, they fly a long distance. The game also features obstacles that slow the penguins and wales that boost their speed.

The game was originally released for Flash and mobile devices, but it was later remade for the PSP and iOS. It is part of the Yeti Sports series. It was later upgraded with updated graphics and a different title screen.

The bloody version of the game adds a few new elements. For example, there are giraffes that catch the penguin in their mouths and throw it further; elephants and acacias that block low shots; and snakes that make the penguin bounce higher. In addition, there are exploding mines that increase the score. The player can also collect bonuses and rewards.

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